Realise your banking vision today

Rapid technological change is driving exponential customer demand for innovative banking and financial services. The Core Finance cloud platform will enable you to rapidly respond with powerful new capability while avoiding the perils of technology debt.

Our pre-packaged, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled, accelerator modules are compatible with any enterprise landscape and they’ll achieve your vision faster than anything before it.

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The smart choice for banking and financial services

We power Australia’s leading brands with:

  • billions of dollars transacted
  • millions of accounts serviced
  • thousands of customers onboarded
  • thousands of our Core Finance users empowered
  • tens of millions in quantifiable ROI annually.

Innovate like you mean it!

Transform your organisation with our pre-packaged, AI enabled accelerator modules, providing end-to-end capability in the cloud for:

  • retail banking and financial services
  • commercial banking
  • operations management.

Genuine delivery automation

Do you want unprecedented project agility? Look no further than our automated configuration and delivery platform, leveraged across every stage of your project lifecycle.

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Better ways to integrate

Why risk a core replacement or upgrade? Simply integrate your legacy system with our Core Companion modern interface to extend its life and improve its operation.